Legal notice

1- The site

  • Company name: Etablissements COQUARD SAS
  • Address: 478 Rue Alexandre Richetta – 69400 VILLEFRANCHE SUR SAONE
  • RCS Villefranche – Tarare: B 380 724 179 – SIRET: 380 724 179 000 11
  • Intra-Community VAT: FR 71 380724179
  • Type of business activity: APE: 2893 Z Manufacture of machinery for the food industry.
  • Contact Tel: +33 (0)

    Publication manager:

    The website is the property of Etablissements COQUARD SAS the registered office of which is located at 478 Rue Alexandre Richetta 69400 Villefranche sur Saone

    Publication director:

    The publication director is Mr Francis PERRET in his capacity as Managing Director.

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    The website is hosted by OVH, registered office: 2, rue Kellermann 59100 Roubaix France – telephone 1007 or +33 974 531 323 – Website:

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    This website was designed by the web agency Pilot’in the registered office of which is located at 19 rue du Président Edouard Herriot – 69001 LYON.

    2- Hyperlinks

    The website contains links to other websites. Clicking on one of these links allows you to leave this website and go to another website. This other website may have terms and conditions of use which are different from our website and we cannot be held liable for its content. You can consult the privacy policies of the websites that you visit by clicking on a hyperlink which will provide you with more information about the privacy policies that each of these websites uses.

    3- Property rights of Etablissements COQUARD

    The presentation and content of the website, including, but not limited to, the name and logos of Etablissements COQUARD, the images, trademarks, databases and services, form together or separately a work protected by the current laws regarding intellectual property.

    No reproduction and/or performance, whether partial or full, by any means, on any application and in any form whatsoever, of these details may be made without the prior written consent of Etablissements COQUARD. The reproduction of any documents published on the website is only authorised for the sole purpose of providing information for personal and private use, with any reproduction and any use of copies made for other purposes being expressly prohibited. Copying for private use of the content of the site is authorised provided that Etablissements COQUARD is indicated as being the source of this copy. Etablissements COQUARD does not grant any licence or any right other than that of viewing the website. Obtaining unauthorised access to the service or access to the site by any means other than through the interface provided to you by the company for this purpose is prohibited. Etablissements COQUARD reserves the right to claim damages and interest in the event of forgery and, more generally, infringement of its intellectual property rights.

    In accordance with articles L.341-1 and subsequent of the Intellectual Property Code, any extraction by any means and in any form whatsoever or the reuse, by making available to the public, of a substantial part of any database accessible on the site will be sanctioned. Similarly, the repeated and systematic extraction or reuse of qualitatively or quantitatively insubstantial parts of the content of a database accessible on the website is prohibited, if such operations clearly exceed the normal conditions of use of this database.

    4- Confidentiality

    The information that may be contained in the website as well as any software which needs to be used in connection with it is confidential and protected by current intellectual property or any other law.

    5- Products and services

    Pre-orders or orders for purchase of products via our website are subject to the general terms and conditions of sale of Etablissements COQUARD. We reserve the right to add, delete or modify the content of this website at any time, without prior notice, and without accepting any liability for this updating.

    6- Limitation of liability

    Etablissements COQUARD will not accept any liability:

    • For any interruption to the website and to its services.
    • For any bugs that occur.
    • For any inaccuracies or omissions in the information available on this website.
    • For any loss resulting from fraudulent intrusion by a third party leading to a modification of the information provided on the website.
    • And more generally for any direct or indirect loss, whatever the cause, origin, nature or consequence, with this including in particular loss of profits, customers, data or any other loss of intangible assets that may arise from anyone accessing the site or from being unable to access it, or from the credit given to any information whatsoever originating directly or indirectly from the website.

    7- Applicable law and jurisdiction

    The site and these terms and conditions of use are governed by French law. Any dispute relating to this subject will fall under the sole jurisdiction of the courts of Lyon.

    In accordance with the provisions of articles L.152-1 and subsequent of the Consumer Code, you have the option, in the event of a dispute with a lawyer, to enlist the services of the consumers’ Ombudsman who is the national mediator at the Conseil National des Barreaux (CNB) (National Bar Association) and whose contact details are as follows: CNB, Médiateur de la consommation, 22 rue de Londres – 75009 Paris.

    8- Amendment to these provisions

    Etablissements COQUARD reserves the right to amend or update this legal notice at any time and without prior notice; consequently, you are advised to refer to it regularly




    Privacy policy of the website



    The purpose of this document is to inform you of the way in which ETABLISSEMENTS COQUARD (hereinafter “the Company” or “we”) collects and processes your personal data whenever you visit its website: (hereinafter the “Website”).

    Published with transparency in mind, it informs you more precisely about:

    • How we collect and process your data,
    • The security measures applied to your data,
    • Your rights regarding your data and how it is processed,
    • Our obligations.

    We undertake to process your personal data in compliance with the regulations, in particular the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter the “General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR”) and the law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 known as the “Data Protection Act”.

    In the text below, words beginning with a capital letter have the meaning given to them by the GDPR. The full text of this regulation can be viewed here.



    The company ETABLISSEMENTS COQUARD, a simplified joint stock company with a sole shareholder and a capital of €50,000, the registered office of which is located at 478 rue Alexandre Richetta 69400 VILLEFRANCHE SUR SAONE, registered with the VILLEFRANCHE SUR SAONE TARARE Trade and Companies Registry under the SIREN company registration number 380 724 179, is the Controller. In this capacity, it determines the purposes for which it processes your Data and the means used to carry out this processing.


    Personal data concerned

    We may need to collect and process the following Personal Data when you browse on our Website and in the course of our business relationship:

    • Data relating to your identity: title, surname, first name,
    • Contact data: postal address and delivery address if different, e-mail address, telephone number,
    • Data relating to your customer account: date of creation, allocated customer account number,
    • Data relating to your purchases and customer relations: history of your orders, date, content and means of payment used, delivery method chosen, category of customers to which you belong, field of activity, intended use of the products ordered,
    • Data relating to the use of the online payment function,
    • Data which forms part of your request when you use the contact form,
    • Log-in data and data created when you browse on the Website: IP address of your terminal, type of terminal used, type of browser, dates and times when you are logged-in, pages and products viewed, language chosen for the presentation of the Website. This data may be collected via cookies or similar technologies, to find out more, please read our policy below on the use of cookies,
    • Data relating to your complaints, product returns, delivery incidents reported when the contact form is used for this purpose,
    • Cookie data – please see our policy on the use of cookies below for more information.

    Your Data is collected in particular:

    • When you create your account, place orders and use the payment function,
    • When you browse on the Website,
    • When you contact us using the contact form.

    When we collect your Data via a form (for example, when you use the “contact” function of the Website) the information which you must provide is indicated by an asterisk. If any information which is mandatory is not provided, the form will not be sent.

    In order to use the order and payment functions, an account must be set up (we will set up your account based on the information you provide us with) and so if you refuse to provide the Personal Data necessary for the account to be created it will be impossible to use these functions.


    Purpose of collection and legal basis for processing

    We may process your Personal Data for a number of legal reasons, depending on the purpose required. The purposes, meaning the reasons for which we may process your Personal Data, are as follows:

    • To allow the creation of your account,
    • To enable your identity to be verified when you log into your account,
    • To manage your order and ensure that it is fulfilled, from its creation to its delivery,
    • To provide a payment function and process payments,
    • To manage your contact requests,
    • To handle requests relating to the exercise of your rights in relation to your Data,
    • To improve our knowledge of our customers and to analyse the activity of the Site, in particular by generating statistics,
    • To manage, administer and keep the Website secure,
    • To manage complaints and disputes,
    • To send you our catalogue or advertising information,
    • To build and manage a customer database.

    A Controller must have legal grounds for processing your Data, depending on the purpose which is required. The basis for processing Data in relation to your use of our Site may be as follows:

    • your consent, in particular for loading non-functional cookies and saving data linked to a means of payment to avoid information being re-entered (if you accept this feature, the data is kept by the payment provider),
    • the performance of the contract which is formed by your order, or pre-contractual measures taken at your request,
    • to comply with our legal obligations, in particular accounting and tax obligations, or to comply with obligations relating to the exercise of your rights in relation to your Data (these rights are set out in paragraph 4 of this document),
    • our legitimate interest, consisting of commercial or business reasons which as a whole justify the use of your Data, in particular, our legitimate interest in measuring the audience of the Website, personalising your experience on it and ensuring its security, the legitimate interest which we have in defending our interests and protecting our rights in the event of an actual or potential dispute and finally, our legitimate interest in sending you sales offers regarding our products and services and informing you of news relating to our Company.


    Your rights

    You are entitled to access, correct and, if necessary, delete your personal data, to limit the amount of processing, to oppose the processing and to your Data being portable. In particular, you are fully within your rights to object to any sales canvassing. You are also entitled to withdraw your consent at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing carried out prior to such a withdrawal. Finally, you are entitled to decide how your data is used after your death.

    These rights may be exercised free of charge by sending either:

    • An e-mail to the following address:
    • A letter to the following address: ETABLISSEMENTS COQUARD, 478 rue Alexandre Richetta 69400 VILLEFRANCHE SUR SAONE.

    You are also entitled to file a complaint with the competent supervisory authority (in France, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés – National Commission for Information Technology and civil liberties, or “CNIL”).

    We will respond to this request in accordance with the conditions set out in the GDPR and the Data Protection Act, no.78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended.


    Data retention time

    You must be informed about the retention period of your Data. This may vary depending on the purpose for which your Data are being processed but the main retention periods are as follows:

    • Purposes relating to the management and fulfilment of your orders: 5 years from the date of your last order or the last log-in to your account,
    • Sales canvassing purposes: 3 years from your last contact, unless you object before that date,
    • Purposes relating to the management of complaints, returns and disputes: at most for a period not exceeding the applicable time-barred period.
    • Cookie data: see below for our dedicated policy.

    These periods may be shortened in particular by the exercise of your rights: for example, your right to erasure of your data or your right to object to sales canvassing, the withdrawal of your consent or because of the instructions given for their processing on your death.


    Recipients of your data

    Your Data are mainly intended for our authorised members of staff involved in order management or customer relations management. They may also be sent to our partners and Subcontractors who are involved in the performance of orders, in particular our transport providers and our banking partner who provides the online payment solution.

    Our technical service providers or Subcontractors involved in the management of the Website, its hosting and maintenance may also need to process your Data.

    For the purposes of the jobs that we entrust to them, they may be provided to other partners such as our insurers, lawyers and accountants,

    Finally, they may be provided to the competent authorities in the event of a court petition, or any binding measure issued by a competent authority.


    Security measures

    We apply appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your Personal data from impairment, loss, use, disclosure or unauthorised access, and in particular:

    • Raising awareness of security and confidentiality requirements among our employees who may have access to your Personal data;
    • Securing of access to our premises and IT systems;
    • The implementation of a general IT security policy;
    • Securing of access to and sharing and transfer of Data;
    • The selection of subcontractors and partners who also apply these Measures.


    Location of your data

    We store your Data within the European Union.


    Final provisions

    This privacy policy is governed by French law.

    The use of the Website is subject to the privacy policy in force at the time of use.

    The invalidity of any clause of this privacy Policy shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.



    Our cookie policy


    The purpose of this document is to inform you, in complete transparency, about the use of cookies that may be stored on your device when you browse on our Website. It should be read in conjunction with our privacy policy, which it supplements on specific aspects relating to the use of cookies.


    A cookie is a small file that your browser stores on your hard disk and that allows the recording of various technical data which are necessary for various purposes: which are technical in nature and related to the security of the site, the personalisation of the pages displayed, the measurement of the audience or managing advertising.

    Identification of cookie issuers.

    Our cookies: our Site is designed to take into account the needs and expectations of our customers. To do this, we use cookies which are mainly used for helping to operate our Website and to measure its audience. These cookies are essentially provided by Google Analytics.

    Third party cookies: third party companies may use cookies to identify your areas of interest and personalise the adverts which are sent to you outside our Website. They may be stored by your browser when you browse on our Website.

    We do not have control over cookies placed by third parties who are acting on their own behalf. We do, however, ensure that our partners agree to process the information collected on our Website in a secure and confidential manner, for our needs only and in accordance with our instructions, in compliance with current laws and regulations.

    Classification of cookies according to their purpose.

    Different categories of cookies are used for the purposes described below. We will also inform you as far as possible about the purposes of third-party cookies of which we are aware.

    Technical cookies which are necessary for the operation of the Website and its security: these are cookies that are essential for browsing on our Website and that allow you to use its main functions and to log-in securely or technical cookies used for mandatory functions. For example, the display and management of the consent banner for the use of cookies, the secure log-in to your account, the protection of the site against automated software by distinguishing between human users and robots when filling in forms (CAPTCHA). Without these cookies, you would not be able to use our Website or the features involved as you should be able to.

    Personalization of cookies: these cookies are not essential, but they allow us to ensure optimal operation of the Website and to adapt its presentation to the display preferences of your terminal during your visits. For example, adapting the display to the format of your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to choose and use the language in which the Website is presented to you. These cookies allow you to enjoy a smoother and more bespoke browsing experience.

    Analytical and audience measurement cookies: these are cookies which allow us to assess the use and performance of the Website, to compile statistics, frequency and usage volumes of certain content in order to improve the performance and appeal of our services. For example, they allow us to know which products and pages are most frequently viewed, and which time slots receive the most traffic. These cookies are mainly provided by Google Analytics.

    Consent of the Internet user.

    While some cookies may not be loaded without your prior consent, cookies that are strictly necessary for providing an online communication service or that are intended to enable or facilitate the communication of information by electronic means do not require your consent.

    In accordance with the law, the following cookies may be installed without your consent:

    • cookies which store the choice expressed by users on the loading of cookies;
    • cookies for service authentication, including cookies for ensuring the security of the authentication mechanism, e.g. by limiting robotic or unexpected access attempts;
    • cookies for keeping track of the contents of the shopping basket or for invoicing the user for the product(s) and/or service(s) purchased;
    • user interface customisation cookies (e.g. for the choice of language or presentation of a service), where such customisation is an intrinsic and expected feature of the service;
    • cookies for load balancing of equipment which helps provide a communication service;
    • cookies which allow paying sites to limit free access to a sample of content requested by users (predefined quantity and/or over a limited period);
    • certain audience measurement cookies provided they meet certain conditions.

    Any other cookies may only be installed with your express consent, via our consent banner. You can change your choices at any time, free of charge, by clicking on the “Privacy and cookies policy” box at the bottom right of your screen.

    We would like to inform you that if you refuse all or part of the cookies for which your consent is required, a refusal cookie will be loaded to save your choice. It is for recording your objection to the use of some or all of the cookies.

    In any case, you have the option of deleting all the cookies which have been installed, according to the procedures set out below.

    Cookie storage time.

    Our cookies are stored by your browser for a maximum of 13 months after they are installed. The information that they collect is kept for a maximum of 25 months.

    List of companies which use cookies on our Website

    Google (audience measurement cookies and ReCAPTCHA security service)

    Opposition and deletion of cookies.

    You have the option, at any time, of refusing the installation of cookies or of deleting them directly via your browser.

    The configuration of each browser is different and is described in the help menu of the browser you are using.

    For Chrome

    For Internet Explorer

    For Safari

    For FireFox

    For Opéra

    Additional information.

    For more information on cookies, please visit the CNIL website at the following address: